Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful team; it is the major factor that allows a diverse group of people to work effectively together to overcome problems and solve issues creatively.


The workshops below will help you overcome some of the most common communication issues within a work team as well as equip you with the right skills and competencies to model the correct communication styles for your team in difficult situations.


Choose from the following:


Resolving Conflict at Work


Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Techniques


Handling Difficult Conversations at Work


Facilitating Successful Meetings


Managing Anger and Other Challenging Behaviours in the Workplace


Reviving Employee Trust and Commitment


Developing Creativity – Techniques for Releasing Creativity at Work


Dealing with and Managing Change


Developing Accurate Self-Awareness – Understanding One’s OWN Personality


Managing Stress at the Workplace


Communicating Effectively at the Workplace

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