Coaching Sessions


ThinkTalent’s one-to-one coaching support is aimed at providing our clients with the skills that ultimately create a way to make something extraordinary happen.


Our coaching is aimed at providing clarity, direction, and wisdom on professional issues, decisions, and business relationship matters that impact individual and corporate performance. In the process, our coaching provides you with greater reflection, confidence, self awareness, acceptance, and empowerment.


During the course of the discussions, the following activities are carried out:


  • Coaching facilitation to support the development and application of actions aimed at building performance and nurturing behavioural adaptation


  • Evaluation of progress/outcomes/impact of new behaviour/practice/skills


  • Evaluation of success compared with goals set


A coaching log will be kept and agreed actions will be worked on from one session to another.


Directors, Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors and Employees.


It is recommended that coachees attend 8 one hour sessions carried out on a monthly basis. Discussions will be based on the needs of the coachee to address areas for development and growth.


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