The course provides a set of simple, practical tools to help employees create the service and work culture required of them. It’s a way to build stronger relationships that equip every team member with the ability to face challenges more effectively. It covers a number of components to provide the company with the opportunity to accelerate the organisational development momentum.


  • Developing behaviours conducive to selling
  • Selling skills and techniques that impact on outcomes
  • A structured approach to sales
  • Improving the rate of success when closing deals
  • Nurturing a sales culture within the organisation
  • Shaping staff behaviour
  • Improving communication
  • Team cohesiveness among the various departments, divisions and units

Learning outcomes:

  • Raised level of self-awareness with respect to one’s role in effecting sales
  • Effective techniques that can be applied in a range of selling scenarios
  • Increased self-confidence to assertively address selling opportunities
  • Proven and tested opening approaches that positively impact on customer rapport
  • Raised understanding in finding out what the client needs
  • Fast thinking skills; taking the right action to secure sales deals
  • Understanding buying signals to immediately close sales deals
  • Understanding customer psychology by mastering the Impress+ tool kit.

Aimed for

Sales Executives, Sales Reps and Retail assistants who wish to improve their customer service and selling aptitudes sales skills and for business owners to introduce a number of core behavioural standards.

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ThinkTalent Ltd is a Further and Higher Education Institution licensed by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) Licence Number: 2017/04.  Programme information: MQF Accredited Courses. To view ThinkTalent’s Quality Assurance Policy document, click here. 


16 Hours

Delivery Method

Lectures & Hands-On Practice delivered both in-house and during our open programme schedule


Award MQF Level 4 (MFHEA)

1 ECTS/Intensive 4 ECTS

What’s Included

  • Trained by a certified and experienced educator
  • Detailed course notes
  • Funding options

Funding Options

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