Undeniably, the content and style of training delivery play an integral role in a company’s success. Your organisation holds an abundance of talent and knowledge. In fact, it’s highly likely that your next rock star trainers are members of your team who simply need to polish their presentation and training skills. That’s where we can help! Train the Trainer enables companies to provide cost-effective in-house training to their talented workforce.

Course Content:

  • Identifying Needs
  • How People Learn
  • Effective Trainers
  • Planning
  • Brain-Friendly Training
  • Giving Feedback
  • Visual Aids
  • Evaluating
  • The ABC Structure
  • Practice Sessions

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • identify learning needs
  • plan thoroughly for future training sessions
  • understand why and how people learn
  • recognise different behavioural styles to adapt training as necessary
  • implement presentation and training delivery tactics learnt during the course
  • devise optimum content design according to context
  • successfully close performance gaps

This course is designed for:

Train the Trainer MQF4 is for anyone wishing to learn the necessary skills to deliver effective workplace training. ThinkTalent also offers Advanced Train the Trainer MQF5. 

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24 Hours (3 days)

Delivery Method



Award MQF Level 4 (MFHEA)

1 ECTS/Intensive 4 ECTS

What’s Included

  • Trained by a Certified Educator
  • Detailed Course Notes
  • Funding Options


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