Process mapping is a well-known technique for creating a common vision and shared language for improving business results. The goals of process mapping are clear and straightforward.

What does process mapping involve?

Rigorously define the structure of a process (or subprocess)
Taking into consideration the activities that are performed, the outputs they produce, the inputs they require and the standards under which they operate.

• Identify and characterise the needs of the stakeholders of the process
This includes customers, suppliers, and resource providers. Their relationship to the process must be determined

• Clarify exactly how the process works
This is often different from how participants think or believe it works.

• Document known problems, issues, deficiencies, and defects
Identify all issues with respect to organisational structure, process operation, and output products and services.

ThinkTalent can assist you with your process mapping. By understanding these points prior to redesign efforts, you will have already defined what the redesigned process needs to accomplish.


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