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What Our Clients Are Saying

malta public transport logo

Roderick Bajada

Human Resources Director - Malta Public Transport

“We have been working with ThinkTalent for the past six years and they have never failed in their delivery and commitment towards enhancing our team members’ skills particularly at supervisory and management level. The first project assigned to them was facilitating the introduction of our vision and values, followed by Living the Values training to our team. From then on we embarked on a Leadership and Management Development programme which was very successful especially the coaching sessions handled by ThinkTalent’s exceptional team. We are now in the fourth year with this programme which targets our young and talented up and coming supervisors and managers. In my opinion, ThinkTalent’s success is down to them becoming part of the organisation and understanding how we operate and not simply delivering a training programme. This is appreciated by all those who attend their sessions. I look forward to continuing with this partnership and improving on it.”


Frederick Schembri

Managing Director - Aurobindo Pharma (Malta) Ltd

The services provided motivated employees and presented a different perspective.

Maureen Mahoney

Director - Ministry for Health (Resource and Employee Relations)

We definitely enjoyed it! It was a perfect day away from our hectic environment and I am sure my colleagues will take up a hint or two from what was discussed. We have our moments, but we are a great team and I am proud of each and every one of them. We succeed because we support each other.

quintano testimonial

Claudio Farrugia

General Manager - Quintano Foods

Following the successful development and implementation of a staff performance management system for Farsons Group we deployed the system within Quintano Foods.  Think Talent have provided their assistance in training all employees and a more intensive training programme was developed for the company’s management team.

What I liked most about Think Talent trainers is their practical hands-on approach.  Throughout the training programme their emphasis was more on developing and nurturing talent on a day-to-day basis rather than having an annual form-filling exercise. Very valuable insights were shared on how to manage for better performance in a sustainable manner and this left a very positive impact on all managers who participated in the training.

Working with the Think Talent team on this project was an enriching experience and we look forward to further assignments in the future.

saintjames testimonial

Jean Claude Muscat

Director - International Operations - Saint James Hospital Group

The Think Talent team were assigned the task of providing quality, communication and leadership support to our employees in Libya and to our senior employees in Malta. We were pleasantly impressed by the dedication and committed approach of the individuals leading these courses who conducted the training and coaching both locally and overseas in a manner whereby we achieved effective employee participation and ‘buy in’ without fail. We have extended our relationship with Think Talent to one which is on-going within our Group such that we can continue to develop and empower our people to grow within our forward looking organisation. We believe we can only be as good as our employees are and Think Talent understand this and have been instrumental in supporting us in achieving our vision and strategy by promoting people development across all levels within the SJH Group.

EyetechLtd testimonial

Patrick Cutajar

Managing Director - Eyetech Ltd.

ThinkTalent was hired to provide Team Building coaching during a full day seminar that our company Eyetech Ltd, organised during the month of June 2013. The overall feedback from employees was very good and we personally recommend ThinkTalent if you need the knowledge, skill and understanding of your organisation, being an SME or bigger.


George Micallef

Managing Director – Sunroute Hotels

I have worked with ThinkTalent, who provided their services for Sunroute Hotels over the past two years, and I have only words of praise for their services. The assignments they have conducted with my company, involved senior management personnel, as well as supervisory and other staff in the various departments. Apart from the professionalism by which every assignment was conducted, what stands out with ThinkTalent, is the sheer dedication and attention to detail in the review process. The thorough preparatory work conducted on each of the assignments, has certainly helped secure successful end results and added value to the entire process.

The feedback I received following every seminar or training session was always very positive, and participants particularly remarked about the effective communication methodology used characterized by a pleasant but assertive disposition. The overall response has been very good and I feel that every assignment has added intrinsic value to the chosen subjects. I will once again be making use of the services of ThinkTalent in the very near future.

computime testimonial

Sandra Azzopardi

HR & Training Manager – Computime Ltd.

Computime has recently engaged ThinkTalent to deliver an in-depth Leadership training course to the senior staff of the company, which was based on six full days. ThinkTalent have proved to be very professional in their approach, both on a consultancy and training level. Feedback received from the twenty-six members of staff who attended the training was highly positive. What marks ThinkTalent’s service is the thought-provoking approach used by all trainers and the combination of skills possessed by the team of trainers. ThinkTalent’s operational experience and strategic approach provides the best combination of skills and experience that makes the training highly appealing and effective.

sullivan testimonial

Sheila Mifsud

Head of HR & Personal Assistant to CEO - Sullivan Maritime Ltd.

ThinkTalent’s methods of coaching and support have given our staff a new positive outlook towards training thereby making it more beneficial and value added to Sullivan Maritime. Their tailor-made and highly professional approach allows for a personalised and effective training package which increases the level of output from staff and enables the Board to instill the Company’s core values.

bov testimonial

Paul Gauci

Head Training & Consultancy - BOV Malta

ThinkTalent training facilitators have effectively delivered engaging training in Team Building, Stress Management, Coaching and Emotional Intelligence. Evaluation of these activities has resulted in enhanced motivation, teamwork and esprit-de-corps.

fimbank testimonial

Bruno Cassar

HR Manager – FIMBank Ltd.

Beverly and Joe are very professional and their level of integrity and commitment is well reflected in their work. They are very results-focused – their training and coaching sessions for senior management are very thought-provoking, and their superb communication skills enable them to deliver quality training each and every time. We are happy to be their clients and I would recommend their services without reservation.

fimbank testimonial

Christine Coleiro

Vice President Human Resource - FIMBank plc

This is a great training programme full of practical, take away techniques that will probably improve anyone’s presentation skills irrespective of their experience. The programme covers standard topics including content, structure and delivery but also focuses considerably on aspects such as body language and managing audiences. Another aspect that I personally found very useful is the instant feedback from the facilitator and other participants during the play back sessions. The most popular session in our group was the one on how to manage content vis-a-vis delivery. Very good value and highly recommended.

ixaris testimonial

Kenneth Bonnici

Managing Director - Ixaris Ltd.

ThinkTalent delivered exactly what they promised – a practical performance appraisal toolkit adapted to our needs, at the quoted cost and on time. It has been a pleasure working with the ThinkTalent team on this project. They have a passion for what they do and are always happy to go the extra mile.

farsons testimonial

Len Nolan

Financial Controller – Elektra Ltd.

ThinkTalent provided us with the benefit of their services for almost a year. Our employees were able to improve their skills through a range of courses including Business English, Leadership Skills and Selling Techniques as well as one-to-one sessions with senior managers. Their teaching and advice was based not simply on sound theory but also years of practical experience in the field of Human Resources. If you want to make the most of your company’s most important asset, its people, then give ThinkTalent a call.

computersolutions testimonial

Anton Christina

General Manager – CSL Ltd.

In 2010 I needed to re-structure the company from top to bottom and naturally one of the hardest things to achieve in an organisation is culture change.  ThinkTalent were part of my strategy I used to achieve my goal and quite frankly it turned out to be a very efficient tool indeed.  In practice they worked out a programme for personal self-development that first focused on creating a psychological profile of each individual and then used this tool to generate self-awareness with each individual. They worked hard at earning the trust of my staff and used a questioning methodology that challenges the individual’s intellect and also leads people to see for themselves the areas they develop. ThinkTalent have a fantastic approach with people and I could see tangible results a few months down the line following the initial coaching programme whereby my staff changed their attitude, behaviour & their way of thinking. I would like to add that although I am writing this testimonial for ThinkTalent I genuinely believe that the best testimonial can only be given from my staff as they all complimented the work that was carried out with them while they felt empowered to change their perspective and mind set. ThinkTalent made a positive impact on my staff and I will certainly continue building on the coaching sessions I started with ThinkTalent in 2010.

adpro testimonial

Emidio Friggieri

General Manager - Adpro Instruments

We used the services of ThinkTalent for the first time for a teambuilding event and immediately decided to use their services again. All was well prepared when we arrived on site and due to time constraints from our side, they were flexible enough to make last minute changes to the programme which went very well. The learning outcomes from the team building exercises carried out, included the importance of good leadership, planning, listening and co-ordination between the team members, amongst others.

islandhotels testimonial

Christina Galea

HR Director – Island Hotels Group

ThinkTalent has become a key training partner of Island Hotels Group as over the years we have used their expertise in training and development in various areas. One of our most successful programmes called “Skills for Life” has shown clear positive changes in a large number of people in our management team and the programme still runs regularly today now that it is in its fourth intake. We also collaborate with ThinkTalent on a variety of other training programmes, be it Team Building events, Sales related programmes and shortly we will start a new programme of one on one Coaching for key members of the Team. ThinkTalent offers an excellent blend of experience and positive synergy which in my opinion makes them one of the leaders in training and development on the island.

ThinkTalent Ltd is a Further and Higher Education Institution licensed by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) Licence Number: 2017/04. 

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