What is performance management?

Performance Management is the process of motivating employees through setting goals, measuring progress, giving feedback, coaching for improved performance, and rewarding achievement. It facilitates the attainment of individual and corporate goals. ThinkTalent helps organisations create a performance management culture and structure. The system once implemented, impacts directly on organisational development and business outcomes.

The 4 pillars to performance management are:

  1. Recognising and rewarding performance
  2. Performance planning
  3. Reviewing and appraising performance
  4. Coaching and feedback

Through a performance management system, the organisation can:

  • Guide employees in their role
  • Provide constructive feedback
  • Recognise individual achievements
  • Set work objectives.

Employees can benefit from:

  • An opportunity to discuss current and future performance in a structured and focused environment
  • Receiving positive/constructive feedback on a regular basis
  • Getting clear expectations
  • Being treated fairly and consistently
  • Sharing of information and resources
  • Job/career enrichment opportunities.


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