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It’s understandable that you might think coaching and mentoring are similar or even the same thing. But they’re not. Both warrant consideration in the workplace and that’s where we can help!


Coaching is a great resource for leaders and managers at various organisational levels. Coaching can be seen as a hybrid of counseling, consultancy, and training. It offers the personalized quality of the counseling relationship while dealing with skill-related issues in a deeper way than would be possible in a group setting.

Managers and leaders can gain greater insight into their personality, characteristics that help or hinder effective people management as well as personal and professional effectiveness. ThinkTalent offers holistic, high quality coaching on the strategic, operational and psychological aspects of management and leadership.


Mentoring is normally less skill-based than coaching and more holistic, long-term and focused on the individual’s personal and professional development. It provides people with a unique relationship based on trust and honesty and it is very similar to the counseling relationship.

Mentors provide an excellent opportunity for mentees to discuss their way forward in life and career, identifying possible obstacles and finding ways of overcoming them. Mentoring provides mentees with the rare opportunity of a non-judgmental relationship, where they are listened to, challenged constructively, given honest feedback, encouraged to reflect on and learn from experiences, develop well-formed goals and outcomes while being supported fully along the way towards achieving their goals.

Mentoring is an excellent resource for supporting talent management programs as well as succession planning.

Besides providing coaching and mentoring services, ThinkTalent offers consultancy and guidance in setting up mentoring programmes and policies as part of its HR consultancy services as well as the relevant training required for the development of effective mentors in organisations.

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