Bespoke training services tailored to your needs

At ThinkTalent, our bespoke training programs and courses are completely personalized as we work closely with you to design course content and training delivery approaches that best meet your business needs. Our key focus is to identify the impact you wish to achieve, how this will be measured and the other activities that need to happen within the business to support this. Our training programs are designed and developed on the basis of modern principles of prevailing management practices. The trainers’ expertise and flexibility allow for a high degree of customised content and delivery based on the organisation’s and participants’ specific needs.

In order to ensure effectiveness of our bespoke training programs, different learning styles are applied and the methodology of the training takes various forms. These include reflective exercises, case studies, brainstorming, practice sessions, group discussions, business simulations and activities whereby participants solve work-related issues. The value of the learning experience is further enhanced through the compilation and implementation of Personal Action Plans that extend the impact of training on the work scenario.

ThinkTalent provides post-training analysis and further consults and supports organisations that seek to maximize the return on investment and consolidate the impact of people’s development. Content, length and format are flexible and can be developed and agreed upon following rigorous consultation with the client. All of our courses and programs are highly practical, interactive and experiential, guaranteeing useful, enjoyable and long-lasting learning.

Whilst we believe that training is not a “one size fits all” solution, our experience running in-company training has helped us identify common trends among our clients and the local market.  This knowledge helped us develop open training courses that cover a broad range of business and personal skills and topics.


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