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This programme covers the whole recruitment and selection process, focusing particularly on the skills a manager needs to have to apply different interviewing methodologies and to create a profile for the ideal person to occupy a post. It provides a comprehensive overview on developing effective approaches and practical selection processes to ensure that the best person for the job is selected time and time again.


This is a training programme that will provide interviewers with the skills necessary to get the most out of interviewing. They will learn to “target” a candidate on skills, expertise, and cultural fit, develop specific creative techniques for finding talent, utilise the interviewing procedure to discover the “real” person. This programme helps interviewers develop and apply the proven and effective techniques that impact positively on interview outcomes and significantly reduce the margin of error in new employee appointments, thus finding the best candidate for a post.

This programme also deals with various types of HR-related interviews including performance appraisals, exit interviews, climate evaluations and training needs analysis. It equips participants with basic and advanced interviewing skills which they can then apply to various interviewing scenarios. It draws on skills from a variety of approaches mainly Humanistic/Person-Centred, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Motivational Interviewing. Participants will be able to practice conducting interviews with other participants using the various skillsets and receive feedback about their ability to apply the skills.