Identify an employee’s skills, knowledge, and personality with a psychometric test

As part of its comprehensive range of services, we offer a number of aptitude & psychometric tests to suit the various assessment needs of our clients. The appropriate and ethical use of personality profiling can provide an essential tool in coaching, career development, talent management, recruitment, promotion decisions, and job matching.

Every profiling instrument is administered and interpreted by licensed or certified consultants with extensive experience in its application.  ThinkTalent’s psychometric test administrators are aware of the delicate nature of a psychometric test where a report on a person’s personality, aptitude, skills, etc. is being published. This qualifies as “sensitive information” about the test taker.

In order to ensure the ethical administration and use of our tests we insist on the following guidelines:

• Candidates will always have access to their reports
• Candidates can never be forced to be tested against their will. Should they refuse to take the test, they should be made aware of the consequences of their decision
• The tests can never be used in isolation to determine recruitment, promotion or dismissal of employees but must be backed by further means of assessment
• Test reports can only be shared with other members of staff or organisations if full consent is given by the test taker. Results will be kept confidential to the extent allowed by law.
• Test takers will receive a brief oral or written explanation prior to testing about the purpose of testing and the kind of test being used
• The test will be used for no other purpose other than that stated before administration

The following are the four tests offered by ThinkTalent

We are always available to discuss your specific assessment needs and recommend the most suited test as well as other means of assessment


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