Give Yourself The Gift of Influential Dialogue

The ability to have influential dialogue is one of the most important skills that you can possess in life. Whether you are trying to persuade a friend to see your point of view, negotiate a business deal, or simply get your voice heard, being able to influence others through your words is an incredibly valuable asset.

Another benefit of being good at influential dialogue is that it can help build relationships. People who are able to effectively communicate their ideas and persuade others are often seen as being more likable and easy to get along with. This is because people enjoy having conversations with those who make them feel understood and appreciated. By being a skilled communicator, you can make it much easier to forge strong and lasting relationships with others.

Finally, possessing the ability to have influential dialogue also gives you a significant advantage in the workplace. In today’s competitive job market, employers are increasingly looking for candidates who have strong communication skills. Being able to persuasively sell your ideas and stand up for yourself during meetings and presentations can go a long way in helping you advance in your career.

Influential Dialogue MQF5 is available for teams and individuals with funding options:

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • effectively reflect on and confront their own behavioural and communication performance issues
  • develop leadership skills on an emotional and cognitive level
  • define and apply leadership influence
  • deal with any resistance from team members
  • get commitment on an agreed way forward that addresses the issues
  • understand when and how to resort to discipline
  • confront issues with team members in a timely and effective manner
  • promote business growth through influential leadership
  • understand how leadership communication can promote effective and much needed change
  • effectively deal with problems and make the right decisions
  • promote influential dialogue to enhance engagement and alignment

Designed for

The MQF5 in Influential Dialogue is designed for anyone wishing to improve the quality of their communication with others, especially in the workplace. 


Duration and Delivery

3 full days (or 6 half days) spread over a maximum period of 3 weeks



Award MQF Level 5 (MFHEA)

1 ECTS/Intensive 4 ECTS

What’s Included

  • Trained by a certified and experienced educator
  • Detailed course notes
  • Funding options

Funding Options


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