What is an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)?

Workplace counselling is a valuable resource for the organisation that cares for its people. Research shows that counselling is a very concrete and effective way of promoting a professional and caring work culture. In the business context, the aim of counselling is to help staff members through a period during which personal or work-related problems are adversely affecting their satisfaction at work and/or their performance on the job.

The counselling process helps people feel more in control of their lives and able to do something about what is not right for them.

Types of Benefits Provided by an EAP

ThinkTalent provides direct counselling services or referrals through a number of qualified psychologists, psychotherapists, and agencies with specializations in various problem areas including:

•  Stress-related problems
•  Relationship difficulties
•  Grief and bereavement
•  Depression and anxiety
•  Transition difficulties including adjustment to new career positions
•  Substance and alcohol abuse
•  Sexual harassment and forms of discrimination

The contracting company normally pays for a number (8 to 10) of counselling sessions, after which the progress of the client will be reviewed.

The content of the sessions is strictly confidential but the visible outcomes in terms of behaviour changes that affect work performance can be discussed with the appropriate people, usually the person’s direct superior. ThinkTalent also provides the necessary consultancy to set up counselling services or an employee assistance programme in your organisation. This includes:

1. The formulation of an EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) policy.
2. The setting up of a referral system and procedure.
3. The provision of training for managers and supervisors that equips them to identify and refer people to the service.

Different Types of EAP’s we offer

ThinkTalent also offers the following Computerized Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Programmes:

• Beating the Blues – A programme for treating Depression & Anxiety
• FearFighter – A programme for treating Panic & Phobia
• OCFighter – A programme for treating Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
• RESTORE – A programme for the treatment of Insomnia

Beating the Blues and FearFighter are recommended by the National Institute of Health & Clinical Excellence, UK while all the programmes are gold-standard treatments, having a robust evidence and research base to demonstrate their effectiveness.

Each client is initially assessed in a face-to-face session, to ascertain suitability for the programmes. After purchasing the programmes, clients are given a username and password and are then able to log into the programme and carry out the sessions at their own convenience. The programmes are cost-effective and based on a cognitive behavioural therapy model, teaching the client ways to monitor and control their symptoms.

Computerized Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CCBT) is a treatment option just like medication, face to face therapy and others, for patients with different difficulties. CCBT has no drug side effects, it is convenient and confidential, it decreases the feeling of stigmatization and gives access to progress reports.

Clients carrying out any of the above Computerized Cognitive Behavioural Therapy programmes will have access to psychological support as they work through the sessions. Face-to-face therapy is also offered during or after the online sessions are completed, if these are required.

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