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ThinkTalent’s Mystery Shopping service is run by experts who are specialised in the field and have over 15 years of experience in the research industry. We have worked with a wide and varied list of clients both large and small. This history provides us with both the experience and the expertise required to provide your business with a bespoke project designed to provide high quality, relevant data on which important decisions can then be made to bring forward improvement.

Well-planned mystery shopping can be used to recognise and reward good staff performance, motivate and encourage improved performance or identify any weaknesses in systems, process or personal performances that can be rectified through behaviour changes or training. Focusing on these areas leads to improvements in customer satisfaction levels, improved customer retention levels, and increases in sales and profits.

The Mystery Shopping service can also be used to monitor Legal Compliance and Industry standards. By profiling our researchers to meet with any appropriate demographics we can ensure that any legal and general consumer compliance regulations are being adhered to at all times.

Benefits of Mystery Shopping

  • Monitor and measure service performance.
  • Make employees aware of what is important when serving customers.
  • Ensure product/service delivery quality.
  • Support any promotional activities.
  • Allow for competitive analysis between locations.
  • Identify any training needs or issues.
  • Enforce employee integrity and knowledge.
  • Increase staff morale.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Ultimately increase sales and profitability.


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