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Impress+ is designed to enable participants to follow a step-by-step approach in selling and effectively raise their success rates when sealing deals. This programme will enable participants to raise their level of self-awareness with respect to their role in effecting sales and provide them with useful strategies that can be applied in a range of selling scenarios. It will also help increase participants’ self-confidence which will empower them to assertively address selling opportunities. Ultimately the impress+ framework will help participants to think fast, take the right action and watch out for buying signals to immediately close sales deals.


IMPRESSive Sales Management addresses the constant pressure on managers and sales representatives with revenue accountabilities to perform in a volatile marketplace. Team performance gaps, strong competitive moves, inaccurate forecasting and poor execution of competitive strategies in the field, are some of the issues that lead to sales management frustration. From strategic solutions to tactical sales and sales management training, from field implementation to the deployment of complex sales solutions, IMPRESSive Sales Management training is aimed at assisting in optimising and executing an effective market strategy.

This programme will establish a solid foundation to support the on-going development, communication and implementation of sales strategies and tactics necessary to meet business objectives while emphasising the sales service values of ease, efficiency and reliability.


The telephone as a medium for sales activities has nowadays become an integral part of the marketing strategy of any organisation. Every telephone conversation with a potential customer or an established client offers a potential sale. And effective teleselling results in repeat business. This does not happen by chance but is the result of good interpersonal skills, excellent telephone and selling techniques. impress+ sales training provides a solid foundation and background to this telesales programme. This programme enables participants to develop behaviours, grasp effective telephone and selling techniques that lead to successful sales deals.